One of my better rounds in the Batchat scoring 9k Damage, which is also one of my highest damage rounds, and scoring a Top Gun and my 2nd Fadin’s Medal. At the start I could have maybe saved my platoon mate if I have been paying attention and not typing, so don’t worry, I already apologized xD.

Sorry for the lack of mods, this is an old replay that I’m using a mod to access from a previous version of WoT since you can’t access them normally and I don’t want to fiddle with it and make it not work. You can find that mod here: but I would not advise you to use it unless you know thoroughly how mods work.

Music: Ace Combat 6 — Liberation of Gracemeria, Ace Combat 6 — The Moloch Desert

***I do not own the music on this video, I have simply recorded myself playing the game and added the music***

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