Jagdtiger and ISU-152 replays are probably the most-requested kinds of video on my channel, and since I love playing both of them I’m happy to comply. Here’s a Jagdtiger video of a Ruinberg battle that could have gone either way, with two very good teams fighting it out right to the end.

Pay special attention to one E-75 driver called Singolo, what an amazing team player!

Mods used:
Reticle with Reload Timer: http://www.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks/vanilla-reticle-reload-timer-and
«It’s a Trap!» Sixth Sense Perk Icon: http://www.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks/trapsense
Coloured Tank Icons: http://www.speedyshare.com/u7GbZ/Coloured-Tank-Icons-0.7.5-P.zip
Damage Panel: http://www.mediafire.com/?69myzyjdm96d8j7
Camera Zoom Mod: http://www.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks/camera-mod