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I review the Panther II (aka Panther 2), the tier 8 German medium tank in the E50M line in World of Tanks (WoT).

Strengths and weaknesses:
+ good gun depression (8 degrees)
+ good HP pool (1500)
— similar to other tier 8 mediums, has penetration (203) that lags behind tier 8 heavies and TDs
— slow aim time (2.7 sec)
— risk of fire when penetrated through the soft lower front glacis (LFG)

As mentioned in the video, my strategy for the Prokhorovka map aligns with EU Unicum Oneeechan, who wrote a great article on RBS that talked about how to play this map:

This video is part of my series of WoT tank review, guide, and «Ace Tanker» gameplay videos. Up next: the E50.

Let me know your questions and feedback.

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