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Geschützwagen Tiger für 17cm K72
Versuchsflakwagen für 8,8 cm FlaK 41 L 75 Grille 10
StuG III Flammpanzer
‎8.8cm FlaK 37 auf Fahrgestell
Sturmgeschütz III Sturmhaubitze 42

Panzerjäger German tank destroyers Eastern Western front battlefields Ostfront Westfront Nord Afrika Korps North Africa European theater Abteilung
Panzerjäger (German «armour-hunters» or «tank-hunters», abbreviated to Pz.Jg. in German) was a branch of service of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War which were the anti-tank arm-of-service who operated anti-tank artillery, and made exclusive use of the tank destroyers which were also named Panzerjäger. They wore ordinary field-gray uniforms rather than the black of the Panzer troops; those Panzerjäger troops who crewed the tank-destroyers however wore the Panzer jacket in field gray. Maybach Alkett Skoda Praga Porsche CMD Henschel 7,5 cm Pak 40 75 mm
Sonderkraftfahrzeug special purpose ordnance vehicle Jagdpanzer JgPz hunting tank It typically refers to anti-tank variants of existing tank chassis with a well-armoured casemate fixed superstructure, mounting an anti-tank gun with limited traverse in the front, and usually classed by the western Allies of World War II as a tank destroyer.camouflage foliage pattern The 10.5 cm K gepanzerte Selbstfahrlafette Schartenbrecher («bunker buster») 38-cm-SturmMörser RW61 L/5,4 Selbstfahrlafette ist ein Artilleriegeschütz Panzerabwehrkanone wot world of tanks rare Panzerabwehrgeschütz Sturmpanzer extra armour winter tracks scheme .Schürzen Slat armor Brummbär Jagdpanzer 38 (t) burned bombed destroyed disabled wreckage crew tankman tankist gunner loader driver commander bar mesh skirts cage standoff rare unusual unseen early late model maker scale armor captured Rheinmetall-Borsig F. Krupp AG Henschel & Sohn Eisenwerk Weserhütte Einsatz Spandau Berlin Kursk Stalingrad Bulge Arnhem Falaise pocket Ardennes Normandy Rhein Warszawa Prague uprising Germany Sicily Monte Cassino Italy France Belgium Hungary Austria Russia Soviet Union Poland Czechoslovakia Mahren Moravia Silesia Bohemia Bohmen protektorat Finland Norway Denmark Holland Nedeland campaign siege of Leningrad Sevastopol Krym Kharkov Charkow Dukla pass mountains etc
An assault gun is a gun or howitzer mounted on a motor vehicle or armored chassis, designed for use in the direct fire role in support of infantry when attacking other infantry or fortified positions.